Hi, I'm Francesc.

Gopher, Developer Advocate, Good Guy


Tune in on YouTube every two weeks to see me hacking with Go and Cloud technologies while cracking amazing jokes (imo).
Go Tooling in Action
My most successful workshop to date: covering the tools all gophers use daily. Do you want it at your conference? Hit me up!
A simple tool that embeds code into your Markdown files from any other files, and keeps everything in sync.

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Dec 4, 2017

What's the most common identifier in Go's stdlib?

This is the blog post form for the latest justforfunc episode of the same title. And the code for the program can be found here, in the justforfunc repository. Problem statement Imagine you’ve been given this program below and you want to extract all of the identifiers in it. package main import "fmt" func main() { fmt.Println("Hello, world") } We should obtain a list containing main, fmt, and Println. ...Read More


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I’m the VP of Developer Relations at source{d}.

I have a passion for developer relations, specifically when it comes to Go and anything that can help developers be more productive and happier.

Previously, I was a Developer Advocate for the Go team at Google and for Google Cloud Platform. I’ve been working closely with the Go team at Google since 2012, and my goal has always been to make the language as accessible as possible to everyone.

In this page you will find the projects I’ve worked on, such as my YouTube series justforfunc, as well as some of my GitHub repos, blog posts, and some of the talks I’ve given over the years.